Thursday, July 7, 2011

It happened in a blink!

     My oldest son is 18 and on a plane to Manaus Brazil for a mission trip. Words are failing me as I sit here wanting to capture this moment for posterity.  My thoughts and emotions run every where...from pure joy to absolute panic.  He is doing the very thing I prayed my sons would; serving God. He's just gotten old enough to do so way to fast!  The years have zipped along, full of blessings and pain; but mostly blessings. 
     Daniel is and always has been such a joy-filled child.  He embraces life with such a sunny disposition!  No matter the playground, Daniel always had the kids following along with his games in mere moments.  A trait that has segwayed into a gregarious personality as a young man.  I remember his decision to give his life to God.  One of the happiest days I'll ever know.   And now he's living the commitment.
     God strengthen my heart moment by moment as I walk through bittersweet waters.  Use all my children for Your kingdom.  I love them and I love YOU.

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