Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What have I gotten myself into..........

     I have been taking classes for my Family Nurse Practitioner degree for 9 weeks now.  It 's incredibly hard!  The classes (Advanced Physiology, Bio-Statistics), taking care of my family's needs, working (occasionally), learning more about computers than I ever wanted to know~~aaaahhhhhh!!
     You wanna know the really sad part though?  I find myself thinking God will understand if I ask Him to wait.  Not good, but true.  Why is it we do that?  Why is it I do that anyway?  I have been continuing in prayer and choosing a memory verse twice a month, but Spiritual growth is on hold.  Now I'm not taking on condemnation, that doesn't honor God or accomplish any good thing, but I am taking a look at my natural tendencies.  Fighting my "natural man" is not something I've very good at doing and have prayed for God's intervention for years and here I am identifying another area it brings me under control instead of the other way around!  Hhmph! and Drats!
     The battle do the prayers!

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