Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring Break for my family is nutso this year. My oldest 2 had theirs last week. My youngest 3 will have theirs next week. And dare I say so will their mother who is taking a college Stats class. Oh, and dad will have vacation next week as well. The older boys and I got out and did some nature walks, shopping (but you know with teen boys that didn't take long!, and eating out at a new place. It was slow paced but fun. Next week my plan is to take the young ones to the zoo in Memphis. My professor just announced we'd have our next test the Monday AFTER Spring Break. Now what was he thinking?!!!? SO. Given that this one class is putting my 40+ brain to task, I will also have to study. And, oh yeah, I will have to pull at least one 12 hour shift at the hospital. DH will be pouring concrete for a large addition we are somehow trying to afford, I mean get done! lol! (I will be grateful when this season is over.)

That's my crazy Spring Break in a nutshell.

Here's my memory verse for the 15th of this month, thought someone else might benefit from this Word today as well. With it, I'll sign off. Blessings!

"Those who respect the Lord will have security, and their children will be protected." Proverbs 14:26 NCV

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