Thursday, March 25, 2010

10 Quirky Things About Me

1. There is a song for everything that happens in life and just in case you don't know it. I'll sing it for you, off key, but I'll sing it anyway!

2. I had to have my jaws wired shut between my Junior and Senior years in High School. Awkward.

3. I am a 'Girly-Girl' who is the mother of 5 'Boyly-Boys' (is that a word?) and the wife of a 'Rowdy-Man' from Wyoming.

4. I have been in a Dunking Booth where I was emersed into 100 gallons of Strawberry Jello.

5. I was kissed by Elvis in his front yard when I was 6.

6. As a little girl my dad called me "Buzz" and I rode a purple "Miss Buzz Bike". Remember those?

7. Why a purple bike? Because purple was my favorite color because it was Donny Osmond's favorite color. I wore a crush velvet purple coat, had crush velvet purple curtains and comforter.

8. I CAN NOT stand to have my armpits touched. I get goosey just thinking about it.

9. My best friend and I rode the roller coaster 16 times in a row without getting off when we turned 16. It was at Liberty Land and had 3 upside down turns in it.

10. My first born son had gastric refulx and 'feeding him solids' did not stop it, as I was assured it would. My shirt simply looked like a family of berry eating Conders flew over me daily!
Now you know!

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