Saturday, October 29, 2011


Lately Seth has been considering the idea of his "sins" finding him out; and with confession being good for the soul...he has been spilling his beans.  Now I could be upset and I do try not to laugh, but it's TOO innocent to not appreciate the sweetness of it.  Here's a couple of the latest. 
He walks up and whispers in my ear, "Mom. I need to tell you something."  Ok.  "Well, I held the fish.  I mean, I reached in and kept in under the water, but I held the fish. Oh, and I drew a smiley face on the table." I ask, "Did you clean it all up?  And is Eli's fish still alive?"  The answer to both questions was "Yes."  Forgiveness was his and off he ran.  Then I shared it with Daniel and we both laughed. Guess sometimes you just GOTTA hold your pets and if you're happy and you know draw a smiley face on the table.

A couple of days later he asks, "Am I going to get found out if I just THINK of a really bad name to call Aaron, but I don't?"  The discussion went on from there and left knowing he was free from the burden of guilt.  
He adds adventure to all our lives!  And a sweet reminder to his momma about how good it feels to talk to a loving parent about the things you did that in your heart you KNEW weren't such a good idea to begin with.....and how it feels to be set free after you've confessed and talked it out!  That's how it works with God too.  Now the fish could have died and I do have a smiley face on my table, so I'm not saying there aren't consequences.  Just that there IS forgiveness and peace that is ours if we open our mouths and confess.  
All my sons provide me with precious memories and loving reminders of my Father's love.  Also a lot of LAUGHS!  I'm going to make it point to record more of those on here so we will have all them to look back on.  

God, thanks for the MEMORIES!

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