Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have a GOOD day! =^)

     My marriage is finally somewhere I like being.  21 years in the making, but it's a good thing...most days.  And really, isn't that the goal?  Beth Moore said in a conference on marriage that she had a "good" marriage, not a "great" one.  Then she asked, "Isn't good, still GOOD?"  What a powerful truth.  God looked at His creation and said, "It is good."  Not great or super.  Good.  In Psalms 34 we are instructed to "taste and see that the Lord is good".   So isn't good, good enough?
     I pray today that you will see the good in your husband.  It's there.  I mean you picked him, remember?  You recognized the good in him then....and he did the same toward you.  It's okay to have a good marriage.  To be good spouses and even to be good parents.  And!  It's attainable.  Doesn't that take the pressure off?  You don't have to be perfect or fantastic...just good.
     Don't believe the lies that your hear every day.  Your friends struggle in their marriage.  Their homes get messy, both physically and emotionally!  There is no gold standard.  Just a Godly one....and He calls Himself good.  Take the heat off yourself to try and measure up to an airbrushed world.  And don't give up the GOOD fight
     God is so gentle and understanding.  He wants the best for you and it is for you to acknowledge the good things He has given you.  I'm no Bible scholar but do you realize how often good is used?  Romans 12:2 "His GOOD, pleasing and  perfect will" (Emphasis mine.)  Hebrews 13:21 "...equip you with everything GOOD for doing His will".  (The examples go on and on....search it out.)
     Look at your husband...it's likely he's a good man.  Treat him like he is.  Tell him that he is.  Love him like he is.  Tell his children that he is.  Be a good wife.  Thank God for your GOOD marriage.  Appreciate the good gift the Lord has given you in a mate.  When it gets hard (and it will!)  "Fight the good fight"  (I Tim. 6:12)  Your children are watching, your neighbors are watching, your friends are watching.  Live with your legacy in mind!  Then stand and say, "I have fought the GOOD fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." (II Tim. 4:7)


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