Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So....I made laundry detergent.....with a twist!

I decided to give it a try, making laundry detergent. But after a search on Pinterest and the internet in general, no one seem to have a recipe that included an element of fragrance.  So, I decided to add the Purell Crystals to my mixture.  (See it there in the front?)  Now I can't tell you yet if it works as I am hoping, but the label says the fragrance will linger in your clothes for 30 days...and I like that fresh smell in my I'm hoping.

I decided on this type of box since I have 5 sons and the idea of a glass jar left me with visions of shattered glass at some point!  

Like others, I used a grater to shred the Fels-Naptha.

Next time, a kid will be involved and manage the shredding.  (Gotta keep teaching them young 'uns!)

I kept the scoop out of the Oxy cleaner to use as the measurement for the detergent.

Sharpie....low-tech, but I think it will work.  (Now if only I can keep the boys from putting in more than is needed. You know if a little is good, then more is better kind of thinking...)

No cooking, but a small amount of mess as detergent "dust" went everywhere.  Easy to clean up with a damp cloth. Also, next time I will likely use a mask of some sort too as the intensity of the smell (and breathing in the dust) was more than I was thinking it would be. 
So it's Borax, A/H Washing Soap, A/H Baking Soda, 2 small off-brand Oxy cleaner, 3 fels-naptha, and Purell Crystals for fragrance. Place in large container and mix well with hands. 

Happy Washing!


  1. Washed my first load yesterday.....still feel uncertain about the one scoop. With a FULL load of jeans, I put in two. The next was just one....I will report back.

    I will say they smelled great! Now to figure the cost and see if it's worth the!

  2. Total cost was $16.65 (before taxes) let's see how long it lasts. Cause I only by off-brand detergent and it costs are $15 and lasts about 2-3 months. This will really have to go the distance before it will be worth it for me. (Even with a family of 7!)

  3. Baking soda $2.16
    Borax $3.36
    Fels Naptha $0.97 (x3)
    Oxy Wash $1.96 (x2)
    Purell $3.97
    A/H Powder $3.24

    (for future reference)

  4. Keep posting your observations please. I trust your opinion and have been curious about this :)

  5. is this detergent holding up? Are you liking the results of using it? Are you still using it? :o) ~~MJ

    1. We just now scooped out our last scoop....4 months for under $17....and the last load smelled as good as the first. So, yes Virginia, we will be making it again....tomorrow!