Monday, August 31, 2009

Living with my Legacy in mind........

Like many (likely all of you) I have a story.
The experience has solidified in my mind the idea of living each day with my Legacy--that which I will leave behind me--in front of me.
I want to share with any who will listen the truths I am learning about God, marriage, parenting, myself, and anything that the LORD lays before me. I want to be a student of life. Never satisfied to be a passenger. No, I won't get it all right. Frankly that's part of what I hope to share. I don't enjoy failure but I want to learn from it.
I have been in Proverbs lately and am seeking to become "a wise woman". It will never be a destination I reach but I am praying for God to lead me in that direction. As a wife and the mother of 5 sons, understanding "men" and teaching young women has become one of my goals. There was just so much I simply did not know.
I pray this is something that will reinforce my learning, will be useful in my legacy, (prayerfully) beneficial to at least one woman in understanding the "men" God has placed in her life.

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